Bends was created by Joy and Rhema after they marched their first season as top and bottom bass (bass ends) in WGI and DCI. After finding a name for the connection they had through their marching experiences, they continued to march indoor and drum corps seasons together while shaping up the mission behind Bends: community, culture, love, friendship, and peace.

After dealing with some unforeseen circumstances out of their control, the Bends team began to work on a fresh rebrand for the business in December of 2020. Now, Bends is excited to launch their new website and look while continuing to prioritize the cultivation of a positive community that invites everyone from diverse backgrounds and communities.


Community - Bends believes that a community is a feeling of companionship as a result of sharing similar interests, beliefs, or goals.

Culture - Bends believes that a culture is the natural way a group of people learn to live their lives. Things like beliefs, social behaviors, interests, knowledge, and experiences are all dimensions of culture.

Love - Bends believes that love is a broad way to describe unconditional care and support for someone or something.

Friendship - Bends believes that friendship is a combination of trust, respect, loyalty, support, and mutual interest.

Peace - Bends believes that peace is a stress-free state of existence with no fear of hostility or violence. Attributes of peace include harmony, friendship, tranquility, and mindfulness.


Rhema Baissa


Joy Duarte


Tony Nuñez